Monday, August 27, 2007

Weird? No, Perfect!

The timing couldn't have been anymore perfect yesterday at church...Rev Charlie Campbell was giving a wonderful sermon, he was talking about God's judgement, and as if it was all part of the production....there was loud, booming thunder, flashes of lightening, down pouring of rain and the lights in the sanctuary flickering. It was priceless, this huge storm, in San Clemente, in August.
After the service was over people where all piled up in the church, waiting for the heavy rain to let up so they could make their way to the parking lot. There were quite a few elderly folks at this particular service, and the rainy conditions made it difficult for them to get to their cars safely. My husband, Mark, made a mad dash for our car, got a few umbrellas, helped the girls and I out and then made several trips from the sanctuary to the parking lot with some senior citizens that were stranded and needing assistance. He was soaked, and so sweet with these older people, approaching them at the door of the sanctuary, putting his arm out for them to grab hold of, and walking slowly and carefully, transporting quite a few people to their cars. I was proud of him! I pictured God grinning down on him, pleased with Mark's treatment of "his neighbor."
Mark told me later, of the most incredible thing that happened. He was helping an older lady, who was having quite a bit of trouble walking. As they were approaching her car another woman walked up to them, stopping right in front of them, in the parking lot, in the pouring rain, getting ready to greet this older woman clinging onto Mark's arm. Mark said he couldn't believe that this lady was picking this time to start a conversation!! And then she said to Mark's lady friend, "I just have to tell you that my son finally found a job. Thank you so much for praying for him. Your prayers really worked!"
When Mark was telling me this story, he said, "Can you believe that? She stops us, in the middle of the rain, and thanks this woman for praying for her son to find a job! Isn't that weird?"
No, it's not's perfect! God uses any situation, at anytime, to communicate with us. Mark and I were floored at all that went into this moment that spoke volumes to Mark. In this season of his life, when he is looking for a new job, when we are praying together for God's guidance and leadership in this situation, when we are making efforts to reach out in new ways to help less fortunate people, God's timing is so perfect! We chatted about what we thought God was saying to us in that moment. We discussed it for quite some time and were just mystified at the lengths that God goes to in order to reach us. It's amazing how sovereign and powerful and involved God is. It's incredible to know that He is so invested in our little corner of San Clemente, while being equally invested in every other corner of the world. Weird? No, perfect!!!

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Tod said...

THIS is perfect. I published a great picture that one of our members sent me and a link to this article over at my blog.